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Battle Report 04

Lord Vaeth a posted Jan 17, 12
Hail, iImperials.

We are preparing to begin our first ETERNITY VAULT raid.

Now that we have quite a few 50's, and most of us have been working on our pre-raid gear, we can start getting ready to do EV regularly.

An update to come as to the specific group roles we are expecting to fill, and a scheduling module on the site so you can opt in and RSVP.

More news to come!

For the iEmpire!

Battle Report 03

Lord Vaeth a posted Dec 29, 11
Hail iImperials,

A large number of people have been experiencing issues with their chat channels: General, Party and Guild will seemingly at random not show up when you say something on it, though others may be able to see what -you- are saying.

It's come to my attention many people in the guild have been afflicted with this as well, for me personally my guild chat hasn't worked for the past two days; but there are many threads raising a flag about the issue on and I know many people including myself have submitted a ticket. While the response was along the lines of they are aware and working on it, the bug does not appear at present to be on their most important fixes sticky in their forums.

An alternative to Guild chat is using TeamSpeak, but I understand the ease and comfortability of the guild chat channel. I eagerly await a fix for this as well, I'll keep you all posted.

In other news, we have over 60 members in-game (which we need to have register pretty soon) and a few of us are almost 50. Things are progressing well.


As posted on the swtor forums (http:// a temporary solution to those experiencing the missing guild chat issue can have it resolved by leaving and rejoining the guild. It worked for me, though a hastle.

For the iEmpire!

Battle Report 02

Lord Vaeth a posted Dec 24, 11
Hail iImperials!

You can now look up items and other such relevant information from the Torhead search module placed conveniently on the front page, and if you are a currently registered user, be sure to goto your account settings (top right) and add your in-game character to your account, new users will now automatically be prompted to do so, there will be more features supporting this in the future!

The first two major Operations we will expect to encounter are also featured as well as our progress related to each in the bottom left, and since we are all leveling like crazy through sleepless nights we'll be 50 in no time at all, more updates to come on that as we near preparation.

For the iEmpire!

SW:ToR Subscription

Lord Anriku posted Dec 22, 11
Just so everyone knows, I tried to log into my account at 9 AM and it says no active subscription.  Basically, even though we have 30 free days to play, you still need to either get a subscription with a credit card or pick up a game time card. I am walking over to Gamestop now to pick mine up.  Seeya in game!

PS. This is a big hassle.  Should just let us play with the free 30 days, but basically they are locking us into at least another 30 days on top of it by doing it.  Kind of sad... :(

Battle Report 01

Lord Vaeth a posted Dec 19, 11
Hail iImperials,

Our ranks have been steadily growing from in-game recruiting, unfortunantly our site doesn't yet reflect our current numbers, but this will be rectified once we begin some raiding. Right now, it's pretty much level and recruit - the game is released in about eight hours, so traffic is expected to increase quite a bit.

Most of us are in the mid twenties now, kicking ass and taking names. More info to come soon on the first raid we can expect to attend and our related progression goals.

Feel free to recruit people yourself, right now enlisting through the site isn't necessary but in the future we will direct newcomers here.

For the iEmpire!
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